$125 / 4 Hours

Fully equipped affordable rental studio. Providing creatives space and resources at only $125 / 4 Hours ($225 for 8 Hours.)
NEW!! $600 / 24 HOURS In 4 or 8 Hour Blocks (weekends excluded)


Fully Equipped

Clothing Rack
Makeup & Hair Station
2 x Aliens Bee Flash heads
Alien Bee Beauty dish
2 x Speedotron heads
1 x Speedotron Power Pack
Speedotron Beauty Dish
9″ Speedotron Reflector
1 x Glidecam
1 x Large Octagon
2 x Midsize Umbrellas
1 x Large Umbrella
4 in 1 Reflector
Reflector Arm
4 x Pocket Wizard
14 x Light stands
Super Clamps
1 x White seamless vinyl 9′ wide
Wide variety of Seamless Paper ($6/ft)
V Flats

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Retouch Service

To ensure your work is displayed at its very best, Cvtting Board Studio provides affordable, professional, and most importantly realistic retouching.

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Photography Service

Cvtting Board provides fashion, beauty, and product photography. Allowing clients to have a one stop shop for their imaging needs.